Dr. David J. Pearce

Compiling Whiley for Embedded Systems

Author(s). Juan van den Anker.

Venue. Research Project (COMP589) Thesis, Victoria University of Wellington, 2021.


Whiley is a statically typed language that supports both object-oriented as well as functional programming language paradigms. Like many other programming languages, Whiley also supports variables, primitive types (e.g. int, bool), methods, control-flow statements (e.g. if, while) and many common expressions (e.g. +, -, ). Where Whiley importantly differs from other programming languages, is Whiley’s support for expressing specifications, Union types, Unbounded Arithmetic and Extended Static checking. Microcontrollers like for example an Arduino, are small electronically based processors with extremely limited resources compared to processors found in computers. This projects goal is to design an develop a While Compiler plugin that translates Whiley Applications into microcontroller compatible C-code. Although this plugin supports only a subset of the Whiley Language Specification, it provides support for enough language features to successfully build, compile and execute an example application on a microcontroller. This document provides a background of this project, provides the design and implementation of the compiler plugin and also provides an example application and a hardware circuit to test the result of the compiler on an actual microcontroller. Finally, this project provides a solution to integrate and re-use a large set of testcases into our development cycle.

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